Principal's Message

Thank you for your interest in Trion Middle School and this opportunity to share our experience with you. Our school consists of grades 6 - 8, with an enrollment of approximately 300 students. A large percentage of our student population resides outside our school district, making TMS a school of choice for many of our parents. 

Within our school, teachers and staff members make it a point to get to know the children both on an instructional and personal level. We are a data driven school, but behind the numbers are the hopes and dreams of amazing kids. All of our teachers serve as "teachers as advisors" (TAA) as they keep tabs on students' grades, provide character education guidance, and the caring support kids need. Our school counselor conducts guidance lessons in whole group, as well as being a support to students in small groups or individuals. Students are encouraged to be involved in extracurricular activities such as clubs, athletics, band, and community service projects. A variety of clubs meet once per month including gardening, art, sports, performing arts, cooking, and several others. Students can participate in service projects including Helping Hands, a program geared to supplement food needs of Trion families, and the Christmas Angel Tree, in which holiday gift needs can be met. Generally speaking, we believe that creating memorable experiences and building lasting relationships are keys to our success.

Trion Middle School is and has been a top academic school in Georgia. In the Northwest Georgia RESA area, TMS has had the highest CCRPI (College and Career Ready Performance Index) in 2017 and 2018 (91.4 and 93.6 respectively). Additionally, our 2018 CCRPI score is in the top ten of all middle schools in the state. Through the dedication of our faculty and staff, the commitment of our students, and the unending support of our parents, we have been able to attain these achievements. To all go my gratitude and appreciation.

Jason Pelhem