TMS Soccer Team 2024
TMS Soccer Team 2024


2024 Soccer Schedule

2/24/24Jamboree in RomeTBD (Coach will send Remind)
2/26/24Heritage (Non-League Game) B - L; G - LG: 4:30 PM B: 5:40 PM
2/29/24LaFayette B - W; G - TB: 4:30 PM G: 5:40 PM
3/4/24@Lakeview B - W; G - WG: 4:30 PM B: 5:40 PM
3/11/24@Rossville B - W; G - WG: 5:30 PM B: 6:40 PM
3/12/24Ringgold B - W; G - LB: 4:30 PM G: 5:40 PM
3/14/24Saddle Ridge B - W; G - WB: 4:30 PM G: 5:40 PM
3/21/24@Chattanooga Valley B - W; G - WB: 4:30 PM G: 5:40 PM
3/25/24Dade County (8th Grade Night) B - W; G - WG: 4:30 PM B: 5:40 PM
3/28/24@Heritage B - L; G - LB: 4:30 PM G: 5:40 PM
4/11/24@LaFayette (Non-League Game)(@LaFayette HS) B - W; G - TB: 4:30 PM G: 5:40 PM
4/15/24Round 1 of Play-Offs: vs Chatt Valley at Trion B - W; G - WG: 4:30 PM B: 5:40 PM
4/18/24Round 2 of Play-Offs: Girls vs Ringgold at Ridgeland L5:45 PM
4/19/24Round 2 of Play-Offs: Boys vs Ringgold at Ridgeland4:30 PM
4/22/24NGAC Finals @ Ridgeland; Awards to Follow Each GameB: 5:40 PM


Boys Soccer Team Roster

Emiliano Alcantar 8th
Frank Carrillo8th
Harrison Diaz8th
Gabriel Francisco8th
Ivan Jacobo8th
Hugo Lopez8th
Owen Martz8th
Alberto Perez8th
Charles Troyer8th
Landon Clements7th
Enoc Hernandez7th
Benjamin Lucas 7th
Cayro Ramirez7th
Selvin Ramos7th
Masen Brady6th
Logan Day6th
Christopher Diaz6th
Will Floyd6th
Abimael Perez6th
Gary Puac6th
Finley Ramirez6th
Lisandro Calderon7th - Manager
Danny Gonzalez7th - Manager
Marco Gonzalez7th - Manager
Calen Keith7th - Manager


Girls Soccer Team Roster

Alexis Adams8th
Joselin Cardona8th
Avri Chamlee8th
Brinley Cox8th
Sydney Crane8th
Angelina Mateo8th
Sandy Perez8th
Silvia Ramirez8th
Brylie Ward8th
Mariaolivia Chavez7th
Allie Cornett7th
Stella Morrison7th
Neidy Pascual7th
Ennely Perez7th
Ayla Sanford7th
Alice Weaver7th
Kaycei Hinton6th
Isabelle Troyer6th
Arely Lopez7th - Manager
Melisa Simon6th - Manager